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Q: In what areas are your services available?

  • We service towns and communities in Hillsborough County. This includes Nashua and surrounding towns and Manchester. For a complete list see “Service Area”.

Q: Who needs in-home care?

  • Any senior or person with a permanent or temporary disability that requires help with activities of daily living, homemaking, or is in need of friendly companionship.
  • A person requiring transitional assistance to the home following a hospital or rehab stay.

Q: How much does the service cost?

  • Services are generally billed by the hour. The hourly rate is determined by a number of factors such as the level of service required and time and day of service. Please call the Living at Home SeniorCare office for our current care rates.

Q. What are my payment options for home care services?

  • Services are typically paid for by check or credit card.
  • LAHSC has a contract with the Department of Veteran Affairs which may allow qualified veterans to receive benefits for home health aide and homemaking services.
  • Patients that have Long Term Care Insurance policies may also be eligible to have our services paid for by their policy.

Q. Are your home care services covered through Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance?

  • LAHSC is not a Medicare-certified agency, and because the vast majority of services we provide are considered non-medical in nature, they are not covered by Medicare.
  • LAHSC accepts Medicaid on a limited basis through the State of New Hampshire, Choices for Independence (CFI) program.

Q: Is your agency licensed?

  • LAHSC is licensed by the State of NH as a Home Health Care Provider, since 2003.

Q. Are your caregivers insured and bonded?

  • Yes.

Q: What makes Living at Home SeniorCare different from other in-home care companies?

  • The experience of our staff and the longevity of our employees make all the difference in the world. We do this work because of the passion and compassion we have for the elderly, frail, and those facing the challenges of the aging process.
  • Skilled nurses perform all assessments entailing personal care, meal preparation, dementia care and monitoring of chronic illnesses.
  • As your care needs change, we can scale the care you need to meet your changing care requirements.

Q. What are the advantages of home health care?

  • Home health care, delivering critical necessary services, can enable you or your loved one to continue to live in the safety and comfort of home.
  • The cost can also be far less than an assisted living facility or nursing home admission.

Q. Who can receive in-home health care?

  • In addition to the elderly, people who are injured, ill, or disabled may require help with day-to-day activities. We are also passionate about helping seniors with unique care requirements to foster their independence and inspire families’ peace of mind.

Q. Will I be able to reach LAHSC staff after hours? If so, how can I contact someone after hours?

  • Yes.  All LAHSC patients/clients and involved family caregivers are provided with the after-hours phone number.

Q. How quickly can I arrange for service?

  • In most situations, care can be arranged for in as little 24 to 72 hours.

Q. Do you require a commitment to a minimum of hours and days a week in order to provide care?

  • No. You choose, in consultation with our LAHSC staff, the appropriate number of hours of care needed. We will work with you to determine the appropriate care needed.

Q. Are your services covered by Medicare?

  • No.

Q. Are your services available in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?

  • Yes. Our services are often requested by an assisted living facility, nursing home or family member to provide one-on-one care to a patient in a facility.

Q. What if my caregiver is sick and cannot make it to my house?

  • You will be offered the option of having a replacement caregiver for that day.

Q. What kind of services do you provide?

  • Services are customized according to each individual’s specific needs, and can include personal care assistance, health management, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, homemaking, companionship/socialization, participation in activities, transportation, transitions from hospital or rehab to home, respite care and hospice assistance, fall prevention, and more.

Q. How are your caregivers screened?

  • Ensuring that the caregivers we hire meet our high standards and exceed your expectations is a responsibility we take very seriously.
  • All potential caregivers are personally interviewed by the owner of the agency and our staffing coordinator.
  • All potential caregivers must be able to communicate, understand, and write in plain English.
  • Employment reference checks, criminal background checks, and Bureau of Elderly Adult Service checks are all conducted.
  • Employment eligibility (I’9) is verified.
  • Orientation, training, cross-training, and further ongoing evaluations are conducted.

Q. What kind of training do your caregivers receive?

  • We support our care team through ongoing education through IPCed on a wide variety of aspects of direct client care.