Dispensing medication

Keeping up with several prescriptions can be a real challenge. And when you’re caring for an older parent or friend, it can be difficult to ensure that every dose is taken on time. That’s why Living at Home SeniorCare strongly recommends the Philips Medication Dispenser (PMD) for our clients who have difficulties taking their medications.

Features of the PMD Philips Medication Dispenser

  • 60-Dose Capacity
    PMD holds 3-4 weeks of medications for most individuals.
  • One-Button Dispensing
    Medications are dispensed with just the touch of a button.
  • Automatic Monitoring
    Caregivers are automatically called if medications are not dispensed.
  • On-Line Tracking
    The user’s dispensing activity is easily monitored on a secure Internet site.
  • Medication Security
    Medications are stored in a locked container and only dispensed when needed.
  • Multiple Reminders
    Voice, text, and a visual light signal medication times.
  • Instructional Messages
    Messages such as “Take with food” or “Time for your insulin” can be programmed into the system.
  • Easy Setup and Use
    Setup is fast and easy with the IMD Support Center or over the Internet.

Why a Standard Pillbox May Not Work Anymore

Pillboxes and medisets are excellent, low-cost medication management tools. However, for individuals who experience difficulty remembering to take their medications, confuse medication dosing times, or have dexterity problems, pillboxes may be inadequate. Consider the following questions to evaluate whether a pillbox is sufficient:

  • Can the individual remember to take his/her medications on time?
  • Can the individual open the pillbox and dispense the medication?
  • Should the individual have an entire week of medication available, or is overdose a danger?
  • Does the individual reliably take the correct medications and doses at the correct times when using a pillbox?

PMD is available for rental and monitoring through Living at Home SeniorCare. Complimentary demos are available at our office in Amherst, New Hampshire.

  • Before we installed the PMD, we had to take the medication from my mother’s house, and we would take the medication twice daily to her home. My mother was angry and hurt that we didn’t think she was capable of managing her medications. The daily stress took its toll on everyone. The PMD has given my mom some of her independence back. It is worth its weight in gold. We highly recommend it to others with an aging parent.

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