Mr. and Mrs. P.

Mr. and Mrs. P. were 88 and 90 when they did not feel it was safe for Mr. P. to continue driving. The closest family members lived out of state, and taking a cab or public transportation was just not practical. A relative referred Living at Home SeniorCare.

During the first six months, we drove Mr. and Mrs. P. to the doctor’s office and gave them periodic trips to their favorite restaurants. Over time, Mrs. P.’s severe arthritis and osteoporosis caused her to need care in the home. Initially, Living at Home SeniorCare provided homemaking and errand services on a daily basis.

Family members became increasingly concerned about their parents’ safety because Mrs. P. had a high risk of falling. She needed assistance with personal care, transfers, and meal preparation; she required the skills of a home health aide from an agency flexible enough to provide around-the-clock staffing.

Living at Home SeniorCare had the honor of caring for this lovely and loving couple for several years. Mrs. P. passed away shortly after her 90th birthday. Mr. P. was so devoted to his bride that he outlived her by only nine months. We had the privilege of being there for each of them during their final hours.

We will never forget how our caregiver described Mr. P.’s last moments. They had attended the same church for years; Sandie held his hand and sang their favorite hymn as he peacefully slipped away.