Mr. C. (congestive heart failure)

Mr. C. was discharged from the hospital after becoming stabilized following an acute congestive heart failure (CHF) incident. He returned home with a different prescribed medication regime; the timing and dosage of his diuretic were changed; and he was started on two different cardiac medications with specific blood pressure parameters for administration. He was re-assessed in the hospital by a Living at Home SeniorCare registered nurse prior to discharge home, and the nurse was directly involved with Mr. C.’s discharge plans with his discharge planner. Upon discharge, a Living at Home SeniorCare caregiver provided transportation for Mr. C. to his home, picked up his newest prescriptions at his local pharmacy, and made a quick trip to the grocery store for provisions. The Living at Home SeniorCare caregiver made certain that Mr. C.’s transition to home was as comfortable as possible.

Two weeks after discharge, the Living at Home SeniorCare caregiver noted a swelling in Mr. C.’s legs and notified the nurse supervisor, suspecting possible problems with the diuretic medication changes. Mr. C.’s physician was able to alter his medication before the problem became a major issue.

Living at Home SeniorCare continues to monitor Mr. C.’s care, including his diet and activity levels, ensuring medications are taken as prescribed and that the physician’s plan of care is being implemented. Additionally, Living at Home SeniorCare regularly reviews Mr. C.’s care plan for progress towards goals and any care changes that should be recommended and brought to the physician’s attention.